Recap: The Holiday Calendar (2018)


Well Netflix is in the game now.  What started last year with the release of ‘A Christmas Prince’ and ‘Christmas Inheritance’ becomes full blown in 2018 with the release of 4 more original Christmas movies made to compete with Lifetime and Hallmark. Fortunately, or unfortunately if you’re me, they didn’t get the memo that these movies are supposed to be terrible.

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Recap: Journey Back to Christmas (2016)

Journey Back to Christmas

How much effect does one person have on the lives of those that surround them? It’s a philosophical question posed and resolved in the much better Christmas classic “It’s a Wonderful Life” but since Hallmark can’t pass up any script that has ‘Christmas’ in the title and Candace Cameron Bure attached to star, it gets posed again and left messily unexplored in “Journey Back to Christmas”.

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