What sort of movies will I see you recap?

While holiday movies are our bread and butter, we will dabble with the offseason gems that Hallmark and Lifetime pump out through the year.

As for our recapping preferences, we won’t do any of the Hallmark mysteries or anything faith-based. Clearly, that’s not our jam and we suspect fans of those movies aren’t going to want our rude-ass takes.

Basically, whatever tickles our fancy and makes for a good recap.

You guys never post. When do you actually blog?

We are arbitrary and fickle bloggers, if you haven’t noticed by the dry spell that happens after we’ve shot our wad at Christmas.

In the case of 2017, we each had a baby of our own (very much separately with our respective partners), so we’ve been slow to get up and running again. This is a fun thing for us, and we don’t want it to become a chore.

Can I put in a recap request?

Sure, but good luck with that.

Do you guys like anything?

Absolutely. But those sweetly funny movies don’t make for fun recaps (I will try to compile a list of actually good Christmas movies that didn’t make me want to gouge my lookin’ balls out – Laurie)