Recap: The Spirit of Christmas (2015)


It turns out that I am willing to overlook a lot of things for a really handsome ghost.

Date: A wicked long time ago (1920s)

Daniel Jacob Forsythe (Thomas Beaudoin) is returning home to Hollygrove Inn, which is holding its annual Christmas Eve party. It’s almost midnight, and he’s exhausted from his long journey, having walked through the wilderness apparently. From the treeline of the forest, he sees his fiancée, Lilly, on the front porch of the inn and he’s thrilled…until he sees her embrace his brother. Betrayal, 20th-century style! And then, suddenly, he is literally bludgeoned to death from behind, dying before he sees his attacker. Merry Christmas, everyone!

In the 21st century, Kate Jordan (Jen Lilley) is an estates attorney that just can’t fall in love. Seriously, she’s tried. A lot. But nobody’s tickled her fancy, so when her latest beau breaks up with her over dinner, she’s just relieved that he’s not proposing like she thought. Will this mere mortal ever find love?!

At the office, her boss Oliver tells her that Henrietta Forsythe has just died, leaving Hollygrove Inn vacant; she had no heirs, so it’ll be going to a trust and they want to sell it ASAP to avoid taxes. Sell it by when? The new year! It’s only a few weeks to Christmas, so the pressure’s on Kate as executor of the estate. It won’t be easy though, as no local appraiser will look at it, because it’s totally haunted! Kate’s tasked with driving out to the inn to handhold the latest appraiser, and get this shit figured out. Oliver’s heading to the Bahamas, so this is all on Kate. She’s up for a promotion if she gets it right!

So, on December 12th, she shows up to the inn to meet Mr. Murphy, the appraiser, who is promptly peeling out of the driveway as she gets out of her car. Something has him spooked, so it looks like she’s on her own. She enters the inn and immediately takes note of this hunk.


She then meets the inn’s owner, Walter, a super nice guy who tells her that the inn will be closing for two weeks (from the 13th to the 26th, which is “tradition”) and that Daniel usually scares the appraisers off. I’m sorry, who? Daniel? Ah, yes of course, Daniel the murdered ghost from the previous century.

Not remotely deterred by ghost stories, she has to get the place appraised, so she’ll stay overnight (as executor, she has keys) even though Walter’s peacing out in an hour, and find an appraiser from the city so they won’t be swayed by the inn’s reputation. She’ll be leaving in the morning. OR WILL OLD HANDSOME GHOSTS INTERVENE?! After Walter leaves, she sets the inn’s alarm system and goes to bed.

The clock strikes midnight, and who should walk into the house, looking super fucking handsome, is the ghost model himself, Daniel. He punches in the alarm code; upstairs, Kate is awakened by his noises and goes to investigate.

(Here’s where I admit that Thomas Beaudoin is not exactly the most natural actor, especially with the old-fashioned dialogue they wrote for him, but he does loosen up in certain scenes. So, let’s just say that he’s very easy on the eyes and move on.)

“You’re trespassing,” Daniel accuses, startling Kate into a bookcase, which causes a vase to fall off the top and knock her out cold. She awakes the next morning on the couch, covered by a quilt. Girl has probably got a serious concussion. She finds Daniel tickling the ivories in the next room. He tells her to leave and when she refuses (mistaking him to just be a common sexy intruder) he fireman-carries her out onto the porch and locks her out (with the quilt, at least)!


Old timey ghosts? Not so polite.

Luckily, she had her phone so she calls the sheriff, who rolls up and does a fruitless search of the house. No sign of this guy anywhere, so he leaves. She sets the alarm and locks herself in her bedroom. This is no issue for Daniel, as he has keys to the place! He just wants to be alone to brood, dammit. She calls the sheriff again, who does not take this woman (who’s totally alone in this place!) seriously at all and just makes ghost jokes before leaving.

Kate’s starting to realize that Daniel may not be a standard-issue intruder, since he can seemingly appear and disappear at will, so she faces him and tells him she thinks he’s real. “But what is real?” he counters, which proves that even dudes from the olden days were insufferably smug and pretentious. Walter shows up, suspecting that Daniel’s up to his spirited shenanigans, and the weird-ass truth comes out: Daniel is a ghost, but from the 13th to the 26th, he is not a ghost. He gets a nice little vacation in corporeal form for two weeks, then goes back to a hellish nightmare of nothingness for the rest of the year.

Kate: “How does that even work?”
Daniel: “A curse.”
Kate: “You just said a curse out loud and meant it!”

She does not believe in ghosts, so it’s Proving I’m a Ghost time for Daniel! He brings her outside and when he approaches the boundary line of the property, holding her hand, he steps through and vanishes.


When she gets back in the house, he’s sitting on the stairs, eating an apple. She believes that he’s a ghost, however she’s definitely not leaving the inn now!

Much like Brad Pitt in Ocean’s Eleven, Daniel is always eating. When Kate asks about it, Walter explains that Daniel likes the sensation of eating, that it heightens his senses while he’s “alive.” Walter and Kate go for a private walk to discuss Daniel; he came back 95 years ago for exactly 12 days and has done the same every year since. He can’t go beyond the property line (obviously). Kate remarks, “There’s too many rules for this to be random. There has to be a purpose behind it.” I AGREE, KATE. But don’t expect the movie to explain them!

One small problem: Daniel has tried to solve his own origin story for years, to no avail, even with the aid of his cousin Harry (when Harry was alive, back in the day). He doesn’t even remember how he died. I would think a ghost would be the BEST murder investigator, but apparently I would be wrong. Walter exposits that foul play was suspected at the time, and that he was found out in the woods behind the inn.

A little backstory on our specter du jour: he was coming back from Montreal where he was a RUM-RUNNER during the Prohibition. He co-owned Hollygrove Inn with his brother, Charles, after their parents died. He met Lilly, who was new to town, and they immediately fell in love. When the inn fell into financial straits, Cousin Harry suggested the “Montreal job” to make some extra money.

So. The ghost logic in this movie is all sorts of jacked up. Daniel’s technically alive right now, yet he eats for the sensation not necessity (and extrapolating further, would also digest?!), and now we find out he doesn’t even sleep? MAKE MORE SENSE, SEXY MOVIE.

That night, Kate hears mysterious and creepy voices from another room and is spooked.

More backstory is revealed: Apparently, Cousin Harry spilled the beans when Charles put the pressure on. Charles didn’t want him to go to Montreal because it was super illegal and dangerous, etc etc.  Ugh, I feel bad saying it, but the dude playing Charles is straight out of community theatre and is SO TERRIBLE. With the exception of Beaudoin’s crazy Newfie-French accent slipping out constantly, the rest of the cast is solid and quite understated for the type of movie they’re in.

Weirdly, when I watched this on TV, there was a little scene where Kate walks in on a shirtless Daniel, but my torrented version doesn’t include it. INJUSTICE.

Enter an older foxy lady by the name of Molly, who’s a (newly divorced) pub owner in town! She’s very flirty with Walter, but Daniel wants nothing to do with her and leaves the room, until…

My reaction at “This is shaping up to be the worst Christmas since I died”:

First of all, I legitimately laughed out loud at “It is absolutely not DJ.” Secondly, here is the clearest example of how strong Beaudoin’s accent is.

He starts getting all braggy about his superior bartending skills to Molly, who asks that he prove it. He will! Tonight! “Bring companions,” he says! He’s positively delighted now that he’s got “a challenge! From a lady!” New territory for our resident non-ghost ghost.

Kate gets a call from Oliver. Get the damn inn appraised and get back to Boston!

That night, the little soiree is going well and Daniel’s drinks are appropriately old-fashioned and a big hit with the crowd. The sheriff shows up (he’s Molly’s brother) and basically tells Walter to stop dicking around and date his sister if he likes her. On a darker note, Molly airs the Forsythes’ dirty laundry to Kate and Daniel (who’s amusedly listening at first), apparently not more than a month after Daniel died, Charles married Lilly. They had a baby a little too soon after that. The rumour was that the baby was Daniel’s, and the marriage to Charles was a sham to cover it all up. The newborn died, and not long after, Lilly died in the inn. Daniel’s totally devastated by this news and storms out.

We find out now that before Daniel left for the Montreal job, Charles squealed on him to Lilly, and she was furious with him for leaving her. She made him promise that he’d come home to her for Christmas. Daniel never wanted Cousin Harry to tell him about Lilly’s fate after he found out about her marriage to Charles, so he was completely in the dark about everything really. When she hears this, Kate totally flips on Daniel and accuses him of abandoning his pregnant fiancée and getting himself killed, leaving her to perish in a loveless marriage. WHY ARE YOU SO MAD, KATE. Daniel’s (rightfully) angry that she’s dredging up this insensitively, that it’s not just a mystery to solve, it’s his life. Daniel tells her to kick rocks the next day.

She’s about to leave the next morning. Walter tells Kate that he thinks she’s so upset because she’s jealous (???) of Lilly. Hey Walt, nobody wants your shitty fanfic ideas! “It’s been quite awhile since Daniel has had the pleasure of having a fight with a beautiful woman.” He pleads with her not to give up on Daniel. She leaves anyway.

Daniel thinks he sees Lilly and just as quickly as she appeared, she’s gone again. He’s spooked by it.


MYSTERY! Kate comes back with a Christmas tree, determined to set things right, and searches the house for Daniel. Instead, she gets locked into the creepy room of the inn with a shadow lurking in the bathroom


She screams bloody murder and Daniel runs in with a comforting hug at the ready. And just like that, our handsome spirit and feisty gal are back in the good books with one another.

Buuuuut now they have to figure out who this other ghost is. Kate’s incredulous that Daniel had no idea. Um yeah, Daniel’s proving himself to be super useless at ghost shit.

One change of heart later, Daniel wants Kate to stay. When he spots the tree on the hood of her SUV, he remarks, “A fir tree is atop your auto.” I am delighted to add that this movie was filmed in Massachusetts during a very real winter, and during this scene, their hairdos are wilting from a genuine snowfall. You can’t fake that!


Anyway, Kate apologizes for saying mean things at the party. Kate and Daniel decorate the tree together and flirt like crazy. She tries to figure out the mystery of his ghost logic. My notes here: “Why 12 days? Why Xmas? IDK. Her mom’s dead.” I like to keep it short and sweet apparently. She has never been in love, nor has really loved someone, but Daniel believes she has a wonderful capacity for love. There are Romantic Moments happening everywhere in this scene and I love it all!

She promises Daniel that if her theory about him (basically, that he’ll cross over once his death is solved) turns out to be wrong, she’ll return every year to put a Christmas tree up for him. Try explaining THAT tradition to your husband and children, Kate! But aw:


Listen, I am 100% down for furtive hand touching in movies. It’s incredibly underrated and highly effective on me. More hand holding in movies!

Giving dudes a new reason to stay the night: Daniel telling Kate he wants to stay in her bedroom overnight to ensure her safety. But for the sake of her modesty, he’ll just face his chair THIS-A-WAY. They both lament the fact that she can’t afford to buy the inn herself. During the night, Daniel hears Lilly calling his name, but in the morning, lies to Kate that nothing eventful happened.

Walter shows up, shocked that there’s more than one ghost staying in this spooky-ass inn, since he chalked up any funny business to Daniel. While Daniel makes pancakes, they go over the facts. Daniel quit the Montreal job halfway through to come home to Lilly, leaving Cousin Harry with the head honcho, Conrad, and his gang. Could he have sent one of his henchmen to get revenge? Ooh, Daniel gets a handy little flashback and realizes he was bludgeoned from behind! Also, he left for Montreal on the 13th and arrived back at Hollygrove on the 24th. PUTTING TOGETHER THE PUZZLE ACHINGLY SLOW AT THIS POINT, YOU GUYS.

With horrible timing, Oliver calls Kate and demands she return to Boston immediately. Before she leaves, Daniel gives her his father’s pocketwatch, which hasn’t opened since Daniel came back from the dead. She promises him she’ll be back for Christmas. Romantic moments abound.


This recap is already too long and I DON’T CARE.

Walter and Daniel play chess; Daniel encourages Walter to ask out Molly since he obviously wants to get frisky with her. Daniel is also uncertain if Kate will really ever return like she said. Trust issues!

Meanwhile, Kate gets mysterious paperwork delivered to her office. Daniel arranges for the appraiser, Mr. Murphy, to return and do a proper appraisal of the place so Kate can get her job done. Oliver’s pleased and tells her that the appraisal’s gone through successfully, so there is absolutely NO NEED WHATSOEVER for her to return to a haunted inn since she now has less than a week to sell the joint, and also he’ll be announcing her promotion at the Christmas Eve office party. He exclaims, “Priorities!” and I guess this works in a reverse psychology way, because in the very next scene,  Daniel comes into the inn from outside and finds her tickling the ivories!

She hands him that mysterious paperwork: apparently she did some digging and found the birth certificate of Lilly’s baby. The father’s listed as DANIEL JACOB FORSYTHE. Aw, he did had a baby. Beaudoin does a good job of trying to keep his battling emotions in check here (pretty unsuccessfully, but who can blame him?). Nice moment, really. Continuing my good mood, Walter and Molly troop in with Christmas decorations for the Christmas Eve inn party they’re going to host since her pub’s still kaput. Daniel remarks quietly that it’s right that the party will be held there once again, that he’s missed it, “missed so many things” as he gazes at Kate in sheer adoration and love.



Before the dance, Kate’s dolled up in a pretty party dress and Daniel is SMOKING HOT in a classy suit. She re-gifts him his father’s pocketwatch, except now it’s fixed and he opens it to see his (and his father’s name) inscribed inside. THEY KISS. Hallmark is all about blue-balling the audience with a single lame kiss at the end, so kudos to Lifetime for giving me more kissing!

Kate’s upset that they need more time to solve his murder and that they failed. Daniel disagrees; he’s amongst the living, thanks to her. Downstairs, they dance in slow motion and I love it. I love it without shame. The stupid sheriff cuts in, so Daniel goes over and tells Walter to go dance with Molly.

Umm, the first frightening moment of this movie is when Daniel is standing in the ballroom and suddenly a disembodied black-gloved hand slips into his. Creepy! Here’s where it gets a little weird. Basically what’s happening is that Daniel is staying in the 2015 party, but Lilly (to whom the gloved hand belongs) transports Daniel’s mind (??) back to the Christmas Eve Party of Murder so he can see what really happened that night. You can see that Charles and Lilly are surrounded by the 2015 partygoers.


He gets an insider’s perspective on their conversation that he saw from the woods, and the subsequent embrace that she shared with Charles (he was actually chewing her out for being so naïve about Daniel while she was anxiously awaiting his return. While “The Twelve Days of Christmas” plays in the background, Charles tells her it’d be a miracle if Daniel shows up for Christmas).

Lilly’s voice asks Daniel to consider who would’ve done it. HE DOESN’T KNOW, LILLY. But Conrad would’ve sent someone after him that knew his route…suddenly, Daniel sees COUSIN HARRY’S GHOST standing in the ballroom surrounded by 2015 people, holding a bloodstained rock. Distasteful party gift.

Cousin Harry disappears upstairs and Daniel follows in pursuit. To sum up what happens next, Daniel tells Cousin Harry he knows he murdered him. Cousin Harry reappears to tell his story: Conrad was afraid that Daniel would squeal about the job, so he threatened Cousin Harry and his family (including little baby Henrietta, who you will remember as the final heir of this place that’s just passed away, bringing us full circle!). As long as Daniel’s still in this weird purgatory, so is Cousin Harry, but Cousin Harry doesn’t really understand why Daniel can’t cross over. So…Cousin Harry has literally been haunting this place for almost a solid century now but refuses to show his face to Daniel or resolve this matter mano e mano so he can move his own ass on to the afterlife? GET OUT.

Daniel forgives him (see, Harry!!!) and sends his spirit packing, nicely of course. Kate’s like, great, but why haven’t you now crossed over too? The dawn of realization: “it’s Lilly’s Christmas miracle.” GHOST LOGIC DOESN’T MAKE SENSE IN THIS MOVIE. Kate’s not sorry about him remaining in the real world because she wants him to stay with her, even though it’s seconds from midnight and he’s about to peace out until next year.

She tells him that she’ll wait for him and return year after year. This makes me sad and I would normally go into a long rant about it, but it’s just sad and sweet enough that I don’t have the heart to fight it. Then this happens and I’m confused.

Does he have chloroform breath? Lilly’s waiting for him. Hand in hand, they walk outside and approach the property line, which normally zooms him right back into the house. She tells him he’s free from this place, but when she sees his hesitation in leaving Kate, she reminds him that the choice is his. She disappears across the line and we’re left with bated breath what he’ll do!

The next morning, Kate awakes on the couch, sad, and is a bit brightened when she sees Walter finally macking with Molly outside. Oliver calls to tell her the inn’s been sold…to Walter and Molly. Um, that is an exceptionally risky decision on both business and personal levels, but I will allow it. Walter wants to finally set Daniel free.

Kate goes outside and sees the silhouette of a man emerging from the woods. It’s Daniel…returning?! I have no idea what’s happening, but they do that thing where they run at one another and make out. How is he back? “Twelve days isn’t nearly long enough. I want more. I want you.”




4 Rating

I love everything about this movie without reservation.

44 thoughts on “Recap: The Spirit of Christmas (2015)

  1. I LOVED this movie too! From the description I thought it would be terrible so I let it sit on my PVR for a few days before finally watching. It gave me all the feels and I also literally LOL’d at a couple zingy one-liners. Great recap!


    • The way I understood is that Lily’s curse (him being alive for only 12 days a year) was finally broken when he made his choice/made his peace? Or something like that.


    • I liked this movie as well. Only don’t believe that Henrietta lived for that long though… and if Harry killed Danielle surely he would have been more freaked out to have his ghost appear year after year at the inn.


  2. I love this movie so much! Handsome ghost makes it all better! I think he ‘breaks the curse’ because he finds out how he was murdered and forgives. Just a theory, but isn’t is all?! lol

    So much feels! ❤


  3. I just watched the movie last night and I stumbled upon your review. Your review made me laugh so much! I enjoyed the movie but it was kind of cheesy. Daniel was super good looking though 😏😂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I found your review because I was looking for an explanation on the chloroform breath. I finished the movie and was like … what just happened?! Thought maybe I missed something, but looks like that was actually it. Um, okay, movie writers.

    If it weren’t for the lead actors, I might’ve been frustrated. But good lord, that man is attractive. (Especially when he got his hair out of his face.) Can’t be mad when I got to stare at him like a creeper for an hour and a half.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I just watched this movie for the first time and it was good until the ending. So Daniel comes running out of the woods and they kiss! “12 days wasn’t enough” so from there what happens? Is he still stuck on that property? Will she move there? Walter and his new GF are buying it so will kate just come there regularly to see her man? I didn’t like the ending at all. Yes they are together and not only for 12 days a year but how will they make it work? Too many loose ends. At first i wondered if maybe Daniel finding out about his murder amd letting the other 2 ghosts free let him start over and be human… Could that possibly be where they were getting at with the “coming from the woods” scene? I am writing this 2 years after your blog. I hope you see this💙


    • Hi hello, I noticed something about the date that you posted your comment. Was it on purpose or coincidental that you wrote this comment on December 13th…AKA THE EXACT DATE THAT DANIEL LEFT TO GO RUM RUNNING AND THE STARTING DATE OF THE 12 DAY CURSE/MIRACLE??


  6. I don’t know why I am watching this movie at the end of June, however I was so damn confused I went in search of a plot summary. This recap literally had me LOL’ing and I thoroughly enjoyed every single bit of it; probably more than the movie. This literally made my day. Thank you! I’m now going to read all the other recaps 🙂


  7. Absolutely hilarious recap!! This was legit one of the most entertaining and original made-for-TV Christmas movies I’ve seen over the past few years. And yes, that Thomas Beaudoin helped make it a lot more watchable. My goodness, what a spooooky dead dreamboat.


  8. i just finished watching this movie and i’m feeling really anxious. i don’t understand the ending. the movie is beautiful and romantic, i love every single second of it, even the ending. but i have so many questions; HOW and WHY did it end like that. i had seen from another comment that he came back because he was now free from his curse. though, is he still a ghost but for the whole year now? is he human? did they give him a chance at life again because he found love and deserves it? did he come back for one more day? what about that gift he gave to her on the night of christmas eve, that she will find love. he made it seem like it won’t be him because he was leaving. does he grow old with her or does she stay young with him? are they allowed to reproduce? can he go to heaven or is he stuck there? i need my questions to be answered. i still love the ending no matter what i
    m just not big on loose ends.


  9. Okay, so this movie came on TV this morning, and I love cheesy Christmas romance movies, much to my family’s dismay. They continally make fun of and belittle me whenever I watch them. A husband and three daughters and not a romantic in the bunch.! Anyway, I’m not usually a lover of ghost movies, so decided to look up reviews of it, while watching the beginning. Luckily, your review was the first that came up! While reading your hilarious recap, I realized: 1. You have a similar sense of humor to myself – 2. After reading it, there’s no need to watch the rest of the movie – it can’t be better than your review – and 3. I wish I could watch all cheesy romance movies with you, so we could make fun of ourselves and the movie, and still watch it anyway!


  10. When I told my husband that I was about to watch a shitty Christmas movie about a girl that falls in love with a ghost, his eyes rolled so hard he nearly hurt himself. I expected this movie to be terrible, but I was pleasantly surprised by it (despite having many of the same questions you did). Usually the actors in these movies are terrible, but the actors that played Daniel and Kate grew on me. Your recap is hilarious and perfect, and it made me watch it again.


  11. I loved the movie but not the ending. It just so odd to end up with a ghost. i was hoping they wouldnt kiss and maybe they would find his son that indeed lived. maybe they would bring the 94 year old man to meet his ghost dad like a christmas miracle. then maybe she would be introduce to a handsome grandson that looked identical to his greatgrandpa.


  12. Just like everyone else here, I absolutely adored this movie…but the ending!!!! Oh my goodness, I’m still so confused. I, too, wondered how he just magically knocked Kate unconscious. My biggest question is, is he still a ghost? Is he a living person now? Did he get a second chance at life? IS DANIEL STILL A GHOST OR WHAT!? Is he like this half ghost, half human hybrid that’ll never really be alive, but will also never really be dead? This has just thrown my brain for a loop. I’m disappointed that the ending has left us all this confused, but all in all, the movie was quite good and I was so pleased to see that he had come back to, hopefully, be with Kate.

    I just watched this movie today and I must say that your summary was brilliant! Such great work!


  13. This commentary was the best. LITERALLY ME ahahahah i loved the movie it is a perfect cheesy christmas movie that seems it was written off of a fanfiction site but I LOVE… logic was nowhere in this movie and i assume that he is human again? although idk how? i didn’t think ghosts could curse each other too or give “miracles” but whatever I WILL GO ALONG WITH IT FOR THE SAKE OF LOVE lol


  14. Thank you so much for the recap… I am the kind of girl who needs spoilers, so ….
    Now about the “curse”. I agree with the theory that he broke the curse and made his choice to stay with Kate. I usually hate romantic movies, but this one was great. Hot and very talented actors made us love them and the movie…
    I had my Fantagiro moment lol


  15. He became human or started to when he woke up on bench saying “ well that’s a first”. Suddle hint to his transformation….just a thought?


  16. Ditto to all of the above – LOL! Thomas Beaudoin – WOW!! I believe the curse was lifted because the Christmas miracle Lilly wanted finally happened! Everything from Daniel’s past was resolved (Harry as the murderer, Lilly’s faithfulness, Daniel’s fateful decision to do the right thing and return to Lilly in the past, all are now explained to all, living and ghostly) before the stroke of midnight. Then by Daniel’s free will he was allowed to stay…as a human…with Kate. YAY! The end!

    Liked by 1 person

  17. I LOVED it! Watched it 7 times over the last couple days. It’s very well done, from the actors to the clothes and the gorgeous house. I’d love if it was a real inn that has a party at Christmas. Netflix doesn’t let you see the credits, I’d love the details of the house: location; is it an actual inn; age, etc.. You did an amazing review!


  18. Omg. What did I just watch? The next day she uses her lawyer “skillz” to get him a fake ID and be like your everyday average ghost identity thief. Unfortunately, every time they kiss, she passes out from the Chloroform kiss and they can never get past first base. They eventually grow tired of the sexual tension and she falls in love with a Starbucks barista that has an uncanny resemblance to Daniel. Daniel finds out about her infidelity and tries the bar scene but just doesn’t fit in the crowd. He is treated like crap by the average millennial woman who detests his toxic masculinity and so he hangs himself in the attic upstairs to join his dear Lilly, who has been waiting for him in the afterlife. PS. I love Dean Cain. Met him once. Nicest guy ever.


  19. I absolutely loved this movie and this review had me laughing hysterically! Thanks for being just as confused as I was by the ending. WHERE WAS HE, INDEED?


  20. I love this story! The actor is so handsome and he has great chemistry with the lady. I think, at the end of the story, Daniel is not a ghost anymore. I think he was given a “second chance”, so he kind of time travelled from 1920’s right before he was murdered to the present day, based on the clothing he is wearing.


    • I was about to write this. I like to think that Daniel got a second chance At life. He deserve that second chance.


  21. But WHAT WILL DANIEL’S SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER BE?! He won’t be able to apply for credit cards or home loans. Is his sperm just dusty old chalk? Toooooo many questions…must have a sequel.


  22. okay so i just watched this movie. loved everything except the ending it was okay. It kind of leaves you hanging. I want a sequel to it. But heres how it plays out in my head…. Daniel gets to live again because Lily was a good person by wanting it to be a christmas miracle she said he is now free and gets to choose. And he chose Kate so now he is alive. He came from the woods since that’s where he had died the first time. So they live happily ever after where they also look for Daniel Jr..


  23. So, he came back to life in the end?

    And technically, he exists physically in two bodies, one as a corpse that was buried in a grave (assuming he was buried) after he died, and the other as a physical ghost that is constantly eating and falling in love and came back as a living person afterwards.

    Story didn’t really make much sense, though I think it should be those kinda movies that one should not be thinking too deeply for.

    And yeah, the actor who played Charles.. OMG.. that’s really bad bad bad acting.

    And I watched the show coz the girl was really cute. Beautiful eyes. (Straight man here, that’s why..)

    Storyline was actually bad, though it actually had potential to be better. Too many unexplained parts that made me guessed that the writers themselves didn’t know what they were writing.


  24. So I thought that since Daniel got to come back as a human for a second chance that maybe he uses his sons name to cover up his death unless that was changed with him getting a second chance… just a thought. But I believe he got a second chance as a human, that’s why he was walking out of the woods and said ‘12 days isn’t enough, I want more, I want you.’


  25. The ending… was it Lily’s gift to Daniel- the chance for love? So Daniel started his life right where it ended way back in the 1920’s coming back from rum running, but this time Daniel comes back in 2015 – Daniel was free, having figured out that Lily didn’t cheat on him and that Lily married Daniel’s brother as a cover (remember that in the 1920’s children out of wedlock were not ok). Being free allowed him to continue living.


  26. I hope you see this, saw this movie on Oct. 2019, read your review and some others cause was a bit confused about the ending. Lifetime had cut some scenes for commercials, and was surprised when I ordered the DVD from Amazon to see what was cut out. My goodness that man/ghost is a hunk !!! Ironing his own shirt no less………. Thank you for your spot on review.



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